How many heroes are there in Dota 2?

Updated on March 7, 10:14 a.m. (GMT+8): Edited photos, added Muerta.

The most important aspect of playing a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) like Dota 2 is selecting the right hero.

These unique characters range from magical tacticians to fierce brutes and cunning rogues.

The game’s hero pool is massive and limitlessly diverse, with each character able to unleash incredible abilities and devastating ultimates on their way to victory.

With more heroes joining the vast roster each year, players need to learn and understand which characters to pick to suit their playstyle.

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What are Dota 2 heroes?

Credit: Valve

Dota 2 made its first appearance to the public at Gamescom in 2011 with the inaugural International Championship (TI1).

The tournament became Valve’s premier esports tournament event, and the game was officially released on July 9, 2013, after two years of beta testing.

The MOBA title’s characters are split into three categories: intelligence, strength, and agility. They all possess incredible abilities and overwhelming ultimates that they can unleash to devastate their opponents.

All heroes in Dota 2

Credit: Valve

As of patch 7.32e, the game has 124 playable characters in total with 44 intelligence, 42 strength, and 38 agility heroes.

The game’s latest addition is Muerta, which was released on March 7, 2023.

STRENGTHAbaddonAlchemistAxeBeastmasterBrewmasterBristlebackCentaur WarrunnerChaos KnightClockwerkDawnbreakerDoomDragon KnightEarth SpiritEarthshakerElder TitanHuskarIoKunkkaLegion CommanderLifestealerLycanMagnusMarciMarsNight StalkerOmniknightPhoenix Primal BeastPudgeSand KingSlardarSnapfireSpirit BreakerSvenTidehunterTimbersawTinyTreant ProtectorTuskUnderlordUndyingWraith King

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INTELLIGENCEAncient ApparitionBaneBatriderChenCrystal MaidenDark SeerDark WillowDazzleDeath ProphetDisruptorEnchantressEnigmaGrimstrokeInvokerJakiroKeeper of the LightLeshracLichLinaLionMuertaNature’s ProphetNecrophosOgre MagiOracleOutworld DestroyerPuckPugnaQueen of PainRubickShadow DemonShadow ShamanSilencerSkywrath MageStorm SpiritTechiesTinkerVisageVoid SpiritWarlockWindranger Winter WyvernWitch DoctorZeus

AGILITYAnti-MageArc WardenBloodseekerBounty HunterBroodmotherClinkzDrow RangerEmber SpiritFaceless VoidGyrocopterHoodwinkJuggernautLone DruidLunaMedusaMeepoMiranaMonkey KingMorphlingNaga SirenNyx AssassinPangolierPhantom AssassinPhantom LancerRazorRikiShadow FiendSlarkSniperSpectreTemplar AssassinTerrorbladeTroll WarlordUrsaVengeful SpiritVenomancerViperWeaver

This article will be updated each time Valve releases a new hero.