Team Liquid’s hilarious reaction to miCKe losing a dropped item

Team Liquid’s Michael “miCKe” Vu might have just set the highest-value bait in Dota Pro Circuit history.

In game two of their series against OG in the Western Europe DPC Tour 2, Liquid’s carry was caught unawares by his opponents.

Playing Morphling, miCKe dropped his Manta Style on the ground to use Magic Wand — but it quickly turned into a disaster following OG’s initiation.

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Watch Team Liquid’s live reaction to miCKe’s mistake

Fortunately, we were able to take a look into the events as they were unfolding.

It seemed like Liquid’s offlaner, Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg, knew what was up.

“They wanna kill you, but I have silence and Greaves,” zai said, moments before disaster struck.

MiCKe, in a bid for efficiency, dropped his Manta Style to use his Magic Wand — only to quickly lose it when OG’s Tiny jumped in and stole the 4,600 gold item.

After a brief cry of anguish, miCKe only had two words to say:

“Unlucky, guys.”

Captain Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi could only laugh and facepalm, before the rest of the team got to business. Even without his Manta, miCKe managed to get a double kill on OG, forcing the rest of his opponents back into the base.

In the end, even the dropped item didn’t affect Liquid’s dominant win. MiCKe’s Morphling proceeded to clean up OG in less than 30 minutes, totaling a 13/0/4 KDA, securing a 2-0 series victory for Team Liquid.