Watch PSG.LGD get perfect Naga Siren wombo combo against TI10 champions

The new-look PSG.LGD might have lost some of its immense star power, but the power of teamwork is still fully capable of taking down heavyweights.

PSG.LGD and Team Spirit have become a storied rivalry in a few short years. Even with player changes, both teams came into the Lima Major as top representatives of their regions — first and second respectively — and played a closely fought series in the group stage.

It was LGD with the last laugh, however, executing a precise wombo that helped them earn a win in game two of their series.

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PSG.LGD salvages series draw versus Team Spirit with perfect Naga Siren initiation

Credit: Valve

PSG.LGD, who already lost game one, wasn’t having a great time in the second game.

Though PSG.LGD held to a kill and net worth lead for most of the game, there was a distinct feeling that there were just too many eggs in the Naga Siren basket. A vast portion of PSG.LGD’s gold was concentrated in the hero, and her effectiveness was slipping in the face of Spirit’s dual Morphling and Leshrac cores.

Spirit made an incursion into the enemy’s triangle without a Smoke of Deceit, confident in their burgeoning ability to deal with Naga and her illusions. Shiro, who was planning to farm, instead saw Spirit clearly, and decided to catch his enemies unawares.

But all Guo “shiro” Xuanang needed was one shot — and he captured Spirit in the palm of his hand.

The unsung hero of the whole initiation was an Observer Ward for PSG.LGD on their own cliff. With perfect information, Shiro immediately seized the opportunity on his Naga Siren to get Song off when he was on the high ground and out of vision.

LGD quickly collapsed around their hard carry, most important being captain Zhang “y`” Yiping’s Disruptor. Having only just recently bought an Aghanim’s Scepter, y` laid down the perfect Static Storm that prevented three heroes from popping any of their defensive items or spells.

PSG.LGD quickly cleaned up Spirit without any hassle, their first clean fight in what felt like forever — and promptly stormed down the mid and bot lanes to secure an unassailable advantage.

The Chinese team eventually pulled out the victory, salvaging a series draw against the TI10 champions — keeping their hopes of staying alive till the playoffs in a competitive group A.